We are a family run company with a passion for bringing in projects on time and on budget.
During our 24 years we have built up a great deal of experience dealing with local authorities across the South East. Over the years we have:-

Paul Ibbotson- Ibbco Civil Engineering Ltd

Paul Ibbotson

Administration Director

Paul Bio :- After 26 years in corporate life in the City running numerous technical teams in London and New York I needed a change. I decided in 2017 it was time to bring my experience to the family business and have not looked back since!

Jack Ibbotson- Ibbco Civil Engineering Ltd

Jack Ibbotson


Jack Bio :- I made the decision at age 20 to move from the health and fitness industry to construction. I began working “on the tools” in 2013 with my father and have since started working alongside my uncle as a Director for IBBco.

John Ibbotson- Ibbco Civil Engineering Ltd

John Ibbotson

Construction Director

John Bio :- From leaving school I spent 6 great years in the Royal Air Force before joining the construction industry. After working at a couple of building companies I thought I could do it better myself so formed my own company in 1996. Since then we have developed from a surfacing company into a full-blown Civil Engineering company.